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Surgeons, doctors, nurses….thank you!

So my topic for today is how surgeons, doctors, nurses and the other professions that help patients in hospitals, are so underpaid and under appreciated.

I think today this subject has really come to mind due to personal matters. My best friend went under a 9 hour operation to remove a tumour from his brain and the professionals could not of done a better job on my friend, but also they were supportive and reassuring to us. So, for my own personal matter, I would like to say thank you to that Surgeon.

However, I have not only wanted to bring up this topic for my own personal matters, but also because of all the media that has recently been out there.

Firstly, the cut on the NHS funding! Seriously, how are we letting this happen? The NHS do so much to help anyone they can, and what do we do to repay the favour? CUT THEIR FUNDING?! It’s ridiculous that people are trying to cut the funding of the place where lives are saved daily!

Secondly, I recently read an article somewhere about how staff at a hospital are having to pay thousands of pounds in parking fine bills, which they got from parking in their own hospital car park. First of all, they should have free parking; the car park makes a bloody enough money from the amount they charge visitors! Secondly, how stupid is this? For the professions who save lives daily, to then be added the extra stress of parking fines, or trying to avoid parking fines so having to park their car 20 minutes away from work!

Also, professionals in the health sector are so underpaid it is untrue. A guy kicking a football around a pitch for 90 minutes gets more money than a doctor who just performed open heart surgery. Yes, I understand that it is not all about money, but I think most will agree that doctors should get more money than a footballer. For the people who do everything they can to help others, they get so little in return; probably a thank you from the family and friends of the patient, while footballers get the front page of the newspapers.

So…now my little rant is over, I still feel the exact same on the situation, just a little less angry. I wonder what opinions you all have on the matter?



Hey, so my first blog is legit just me telling you why I’m here and the answer is…. I have no idea! 


I guess I have just so may thoughts going on in my head and needed somewhere to write it down. Yes, I know you’re thinking (well that is if anyone actually reads this) “write in a diary” but tbf, diaries have never been my thing and also, I kind of want to know if anyone else thinks the same thing I do or can help explain some of the matters of the world that I really do not understand.